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Our approach

We produce hundreds of hours a year of TV, radio, online and mobile phone content, working where we can in partnership with other media organisations. The scope of our work is broader than media production. It includes: • Capacity strengthening: this can take a number of forms, from hands-on training and intensive mentoring for radio journalists and station staff, to providing expert advice to non-media partners. This might, for example, be at the development policy level, or by researching and analysing how people use different types of media and information. • Research and impact: our extensive research programme informs each stage of project delivery and helps us measure our impact and reach. We have more than 100 researchers, mostly from the countries we are based in and working in their local languages. • Informing development policy: we share our expertise with development policy-makers, academics and practitioners by supporting and promoting the value of a free and pluralistic media and underlining the importance of communication in achieving development objectives. By working in partnership with academic institutes we share research findings and contribute to the exchange of new ideas and best practice about the role of media and communication in development

Research and insight

How people use, access and communicate information around the world has profound implications for development, diplomatic and foreign policy. This area of the BBC Media Action website is designed to inform policy, research and practice on the role of media as it relates to the main priorities of BBC Media Action – governance and rights, health, and resilience and humanitarian response. Designed for development policy makers and researchers who may not be specialists in media and communications, Research and Insight is a space where BBC Media Action can share its policy analysis, insight and research findings and where these issues can be debated and interrogated.


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Consumers have become the epicenter of retail and consumer products companies. To succeed over the next decade and beyond, retailers will need to build a deeper understanding of increasingly empowered consumers. We believe customer experience and innovation are key ingredients to build sustainable businesses. Since past one year, we have made tremendous strides in areas like customer experience, growth, profitability, and bringing the burn down in a big way.

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